Snowshill Lavender Farm

Great Day at Snowshill Lavender Farm
I was planning to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey as it is popular with many great landscape photographers. However, on the day it became clear that there was little point taking a trip to Surrey as the weather forecast made it clear that the skies were dark over Surrey, although not so over the Cotswolds, and in particular Snowshill and its lavender farm.

Snowshill, Wikipedia confirms, is a small Cotswolds village in Gloucestershire, England, located near to Broadway, Worcestershire.

Snowshill is best known for nearby Snowshill Manor, a National Trust property open to the public. The manor house contains an unusual collection of furniture, musical instruments, craft tools, toys, clocks, bicycles and armour, all collected by architect and craftsman Charles Paget Wade between 1900 and 1951. His Arts and Crafts-style gardens are arranged in an eccentric combination of terraces and ponds forming outdoor rooms, with bright colours and delightful scents.

Snowshill Lavender is a farm with 35 acres (142,000 m²) of lavender fields, which sells lavender products, plants and local crafts. On a clear day, its a lovely place to visit with obvious photographic potential. Indeed the place was swarming with more photographers than bees, so be careful!

Whilst the main area is full of tourists and photographers alike if you head further up the fields or over the road, you will start to get the run of things to yourself thus giving you all manner of options in so far as your choice of shot is concerned. In this regard, Snowshill offers macro (the lavender and thousands of bees), landscape, portrait (many mums and dads bringing their red clad children) and all-round photographers no end of possibilities.

I spent about 3 hours at Snowshill. I took many shots of the beautiful colours, lines of lavender, close ups and the vast landscape surrounding the farm and have uploaded some of them here. I would recommend it to anyone and will be taking a trip back soon.

I have uploaded my favourite pictures into my nature and landscape galleries. I hope you enjoy!

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