Trip to Syon Park and Syon House

Went on a Canon Experience Seminar to Syon House recently took some pictures I was extremely pleased with.
I recently went on a Canon Experience Seminar having been bought one as a gift.

I was extremely unimpressed with the quality of the Seminar itself for two reasons. One was the way in which the seminar was presented which in my opinion was in no way friendly nor in keeping with the fact that we had paid money to go on the day. Secondly, Ill not forget the comment that whilst they would try to assist us with our photographs when we went out in to Syon House, they would want to get some of their own so may not be available.

For me, the quality of the experience was well below average and I would most certainly not recommend them - To be fair I know many others disagree.

Many of us were left to our own devices once we left the seminar room. On my own, I took the opportunity to use some creative techniques to get some interesting photos of the various neon light sources.

Through a variety of tilting the lens up/ down, from side to side or from 9 o clock to 3 o clock I got some pictures (being put into my experimental gallery) that I think are beautiful.

Syon House at this time, shortly before Xmas, is a fantastic experience and one photographers and children alike will love. Whilst its a bit dark in places, the quality of the light and the display of light, whilst not Tivoli, is still fantastic.

I have currently developed 2 shots, with more to follow. I would love to have your feedback on any of those or any other photos.