A Short Trip to Snowdonia

A walk around Llyn Idwal
In light of my forthcoming and impending wedding and given the ridiculously poor weather we have had this year, I have not had much chance to get outdoors and capture more of Britain's fine landscape scenery.

However, I was lucky enough to be able to get away in June for a week where one solitary day of clear skies enabled me to take a trip to Llyn Idwal.

Like so much of the weather in Wales, whilst the walk started with clear skies, it ended with rain filled ones and many of my pictures did get a bit of a hammering from the rain.

However, the first half to two thirds of the walk were pleasant and the weather held sufficiently well for me to get some nice shots. In this regard, Llyn Idwal offers some classic Snowdonia scenery, the iconic streams, the beautiful calm deep blue lakes and the threatening skies.

The walk itself is a nice one if you only have a few hours to kill or if you have smaller kids. It is about 3-4 miles and gives you a real flavour of what Snowdonia has to offer.

As I only had one day to take pictures, I plan to return to an area I know well (but got to know before acquiring my Canon) soon.

As ever, my trip ended at a Good Pub Guide recommended pub, this time the absolutely fabulous Bryn Tyrch Inn in Capel Curig. A decent pint, food, fantastic accomodation and a friendly welcome. I couldnt have asked for more.