The River Windrush and Minster Lovell

A wet, windy, washed out day at Minster Lovell
The Old Minster from the banks of the River Windrush
This summer has been rubbish, absolute garbage and however many magazines tell me that rainfall is just a good photo opportunity as landscape are clearly living on cloud cuckoo land! If you want to go photographing in the rain be my guest basically. Ill stay in, keep warm and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

My plan to go to Minster Lovell looked good until, predictably, two tons of cats and dogs appeared from out of nowhere and on to me and my equipment. For those of you that know the Old Minster, it isnt over furnished with places to shelter, so whilst previously nice and dry, I was soon wonderfully wet.

Anyhow. It past, but the rainfall had been so hard that the River Windrush had burst its banks. The skies were also incredibly flat and grey, so taking nice pictures proved problematic and I didnt hang around for more than an hour because it was plain that I was not going to get my dream shot...

However... photoshop is a wonderful thing and using some gaussian blur, and reconstituting a couple of pictures into black and white, I was extremely pleased with one or two pictures such as the one above (which you can see, full size, in my landscape gallery).

I actually took this picture to my regular spot at the Cotswold Craft Market in Cirencester and it sold on its first outing. It has something of a ghostly feel and the dutch couple who purchased it were really taken aback by that sense of forboding but equally its sense of calm.

I was also pleased to have gone because whilst I got wetter than Captain Pugwash, the location is definitely one to return to and capture, I hope, a wonderful sunset...

Again, my trips need a good pub and trust me they dont come much better than the Old Swan in Minster Lovell. Go on a summers day, sit by the River and watch the world go by. It doesnt get better than that. Its just a shame that it was peeing it down when I was there so my view was from within, not without.

Hey ho, I will return!