It's Been Too Long

After a heck of a few months, I took my first trip out to the windswept south coast of West Sussex
A Portrait of Selsey
I cant really put my finger on why, but getting married, moving house, getting a new job and decorating didn’t leave much time for photography, hence my recent trip to Selsey in West Sussex was a first for two reasons, first, it was my first phototrip for Don Keys, and secondly, it was the first with my new Canon 6D.

Inspired by Dennis Reddick’s photo’s of Selsey Lifeboat Station, as well as it being an area I know well from my trips to Wittering, I decided to head down mid afternoon one Saturday last in May. I left in fair weather and arrived in a gale force winds, much to my delight.

The primary focus was capturing the motion of the sea and the clouds amongst the windswept beach, its groynes and the beautiful (not to mention active and extremely important) lifeboat house. Whilst windy, the wind was constantly changing the shape of the sky producing at times some of the most beautiful cloudscapes I have seen in a long time, including, I am told by my Geography teaching friend, Martin D. Sutton Snr of Reading, Berkshire, a perfect altocumulus mackerel sky.

Sitting in the Evening Sun IR

Starting towards the East Wittering end of the beach, I gradually worked my way towards Selsey. Using the 6D and a 4 Stop Grad, I was able to slow the speed of the water down to give a feeling of movement in both water, and, at times in the clouds. The light was marvellous and as the day grew later, the sky went for a perfect azure with pink tones to a much softer pastel pink ending with a warm orange glow. The colour of the sea complimented the sea perfectly, retaining a variety of beautiful pastel tones in particular a rich aqua colour, which set off the sky perfectly.

Whilst windy, the coastline is fantastic. It has an array of photographic elements and a number of focal points for the perfect landscape photograph. Unlike the county down the coast, that is, Dorset, it is not overwhelmed with tourists, fossil hunters and bloody photographers! Indeed, save for one other person my only company for the day were a number of dog walkers and some fishermen.

Selsey Landscape

It’s a great location. I got some great shots and I would recommend any of you reading this go there. Althogh on second thoughts, don’t. I liked it how it was.

The Good Beer Guide (the Good Pub Guide has sold out and is not the publication of choice anymore) took me quite close to home and the Red Lion in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. In a word it is fantastic. It’s a regular in all pub/ beer/ hostely publications and richly deserves it. Great local beers, such as Lodden and great snacks to accompany it… give it a go!

Selsey Sunset