Classic Scenes by the Lake

A trip to see the mother of all views
August is not a time I would generally recommend that anyone visits the Lake District for the sake of their own sanity!

However, with the offer of great photography, being a sidekick for an experienced photographer's tutorial and generally the opportunity to get away from home and enjoy great scenery lovely weather and fresh air, I was not going to be put off by hordes of crowds in Windermere. More the point come up I have no intention of going anywhere near the place!

The purpose of the trip was to get the classic picture of Buttermere which I've never had the opportunity to take previously. My good friend and professional photographer Chris Sale also wanted to take me to Rydal Water given that there was another classic picture that he felt I should add to my repertoire featuring one of those classic iconic lone tree's. 

There is no question that the iconic view of Buttermere is something to behold. There is also no question that getting up at 4 a.m. to picture it is not my preferred time of departure., However, it being August, there was little alternative.

Once there, however, it was worth the trip since the light was superb, the lake was still, and the opportunities were limitless.  Chris had decided to start one of his Vlogs based on "whether the classic view is the best view" or whether a photographer should broaden their horizons - we decided to take it in turns to photo both. The results can be seen here and I would always be interested to know your thoughts on which you prefer classic or the not so classic -  

Reflections of Buttermere

Having started early and having wandered around Buttermere for 2 hours after the shoot, there was no alternative then to return home to get ready for tomorrow's early start at Rydal Water.

The start of the following day was not to our liking - There did not appear to be any obvious signs of sunrise nor any obvious signs of mist.  However, once we arrived at Rydal water that all changed.  Whilst the sun didn't rise, the mist glowing off of the lake was sublime. 

I absolutely love mist. Perhaps it's because it can disguise a multitude of sins or perhaps it is because it gives a certain ethereal glow to a picture and creates a certain distance in a photograph that takes one through the picture and into the beyond. The feeling of space created by mist is something I always enjoy even if one has to get up at 4 a.m. to capture it.

Into the mist of beyond

Whilst Chris focused on the classic view, being a relative close-up of the lone tree, I went further down the lake so I could go wide angle. That enabled me to capture more of the shoreline and for me was by far the more attractive picture not least because the mist added that glow that the "classic view" had lost. I did return to take the classic picture, but,as noted in the video log, there is no question in my mind which I prefer.  Indeed, having been back to Rydal Water with Chris since, I think he is waivering on what he regards as the classic view after all.

Again having had an early starts, we were both shattered so there was nothing for it - pizza and beer!  Off we went to Askham Hall's pizza and beer hall... 

For some reason I thought they second pizza was in order which I regret about an hour later with a large dose of stomach ache and an inability to move. However it was a fitting end to a fantastic trip and I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the video.