Lovely images

Hi Tom,

These images are great. Love the light and composition. Website works well so no reall need to change. Just start thinking about how you can share the images with the world. I think instagram is a great place to start. You could easily share some of the existing images - if you use the right hastags then you would be suprised how quickly you pick up followers. Great work, Ian
Ian Guppy

BBC Radio Oxford / Facebook

Hello Tom,

I want to get more beautifully shot photographs of Oxfordshire onto our Facebook page for people to share and like. I've come across your website and have fallen in love with your photos, truly magical.

The dream for me would be to get your photos on our Facebook page, we can then link your website in the description of each photo we upload.

Keen to hear your thoughts,

All the best,



I bought a calendar from your stand at the Midlands Art Centre in Dec 2012. Your photography is so inspiring, I believe I can only dream of becoming as talented as you.
Mrs J Davies


Hi Tom, your mum has come to stay with me and has just told me about your photos. I think they're really brilliant. Here on The Isle of Wight we have Dimbola Lodge, once the home of Julia Magaret Cameron, which has photographic exhibitions. They might well be keen to show your work if you'd be interested.
Jackie Stephen

Norfolk broads pictures

Hi there, we loved your photos of Norfolk especially the Thurne windmill one. I run - a website dedicated to reviewing places to visit in and around the Norfolk broads. We have some pictures of the Norfolk broads we would love your opinion on:

Our little project aims to help people visiting the lovely Norfolk broads find good places to visit. We are always adding new content of places to visit in and around the broads all the time from images, text to video.

So we wondered if you might be kind enough to give us a mention on your wonderful website? we think we could be a useful resource to your users.

We would love your support, if you have any questions please ask.

Kind Regards, Chris.

Awesome work

Really love your work, very inspiring.
Lisa Hamilton


Brilliant pictures. Thank goodness I put my order in earlier today coz my picture wishlist would be huge! Will have to make sure you sign them all from now on.

Fantastic Photo's

Hi Tom,
Fantastic photo's! difficult to decide which I like the most but the ones taken in Wales brought back happy memories of holidaying there as a child. I shall keep popping onto the website now that I know about it.
Rosemary Parry


what a purfect day,sent OZ defectors loads of photos.
have a great photo of you tring guys you might enjoy
swans have pride of place in my kitchen to be viewed from french doors.
so enjoy trail finders bet you have enough for a trip around the world.
love H/J xx
harry &judi

steve told us to visit your site

Hi Tom
Well worth a visit great photography, still reckon we have your masterpiece, Harry skiing,best photo ever framed and hanging.
Love your shots of the Thames, but the swans Tring amazing.
All the best keep on shooting.
Pics not swans
harry judi anderton

website info

Hi Tom,

This is a cracking website. You'll have to tell me how to go about it. It's something I've always wanted to do.

Anyway, I didn't have your email so I searched for you, hence the contact through your site. A couple of links for you...


...who is the guy on flickr I mentioned.

Dave Stroud


Hi Tom
Thank you for the link and kind words, I am touched.

I will return the compliment and put a link on my site to yours, though I am having a crisis of identity at the moment and can't decide whether I dedicate the site all to fashion or make it general.

Keep doing what you are doing and foget the judges. Take photographs and make images for you and you alone. If others like them, which by the sounds of it they do, then so much the better.

I will come back here regularly and check up on you!

All the best...James
James Lyon

Picture of Tresaith

I love this picture, could you tell me how much it would cost to buy, what size it is, and do your pictures come framed? Do you have any others of Tresaith?
Paula Barrett


Hi Tom,

Ive just come across your site and can safely say its one of the best I have seen.

Keep up the good work,

David Schonweiss

Litigator, Photographer or both?

Because of your excellent reputation as a hard nosed litigator, I was about to write something cheeky like "Dont give up the day job". However, having now seen all your wonderful photography, Im not so sure. Maybe you could combine both passions and photograph for the Law Society Gazette?



Thomas, you have a very nice eye. Two of them in fact. Good luck with the site, do you ship to the US?
Charles Hopper


Very impressed Tom. Site looks great we will spread the word!
Sarah and Stef


Oh my word! These are awesome! I knew Tom had many talents but I didn't know photography one of them, or landscape appreciation for that matter. You have to have a gallery exhibition and invite all to enjoy your photographs in their intended environment (with a glass or two to celebrate of course!) All the best x
Sarah Marshall

well done

Thomas, excellent use of the fairweather Cumulus to remind us of our domination by mother nature.

keep up the splendid work.
Darren Oars

Good luck

Beautiful photos Tom, especially the wildlife ones. Good luck with the site, very impressed!
Tamazin Wilson

Great site

I just wanted to say what an excellent collection of photos you have here. It is great to have a young and upcoming photographer come through the ranks.
Adam Morris

Oi Growler

Are you the same Thomas Cedar that won that photo competition in the Didsbury Bugle?
Bryan Aby


Congrats on your engagement!

very impressive work, really beats being a Lawyer eh!

Hope you're both well.
I have steady-ish progress on the hat front. Woodsy helped with setting up domain name with BT (they don't appear to be the best but its sorted bless him) so after noting your talent do you reckon you could photograph my hats and make them really dazzle?!! totally useless with computers, I just need it all up and running but its going to take a while.

Mrs Lowis

New website

Hi Tom

I'm amazed at the quality of your photos. I hadn't realised you'd got so good! Hopefully I'll see you at your engagement party.

Matthew Maple

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